An actor and healthy movement practice leader
On the street theater festival Japan2006 executive-committee chief

Encountered women's lib after activity at the Tokyo theater ensemble for 11 years. She resigned from the theatrical company in 1981.
She formed the theatrical company "Lilith's leg" at the time of the encounter by Asia female theater meeting through the child-rearing period in 1992.
The creation play was performed in the women's center of national every place etc. The English version was also performed in the Beijing female meeting NGO forum in 1995.
1998 -- a Women's art work "rap-mam" -- it rose

Now, South Korea, Mexico, and Taiwan besides domestic performance in a university or a man-and-woman joint participation center is also holding the theater workshop in a monodrama or collaboration.

Her -- theater -- a special person sake -- not carrying out -- anyone -- although -- it can participate and is working in the theater workshop using theater to various problem solutions.