- A workshop plan and advance ( facilitate )
- theater activist

Played an active part as a central member of a black tent theatre company.
After he left from the company, as a pioneer of the theater workshop in Japan, he plays a big role in the spread, and performs various trials to it about the relation and the possibility of a theater-expression act and a community.

Recently, for the production of the Anma river river maintenance design of Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, he performed theater-ization of the inner water damage example of a river valley etc., and promoted the citizens' participation in municipal affairs to a plan.

The Tokorozawa center city area activation base institution "Izutsuya machizukuri syoten" director.
The Nihon University science-of-arts part theater subject-of-study lecturer, Saitama prefectural art synthesis high school lecturer.

Otherwise, the role of "chiiki no monogatari (stories of Setagaya) workshop" advance is played at a Setagaya public theater. Moreover, working a theater festival Japan executive committee on the street, and promoting the exchange with Mexico etc. is playing an active part broadly.

Theater design guild Chairman of the board of directors.