Actress, workshop facilitater.
The Asia meets Asia theater festival executive committee, the Musashino Art University part-time teacher

Graduated of the 1st department-of-literature theater of Waseda University. She meets with the technique of the public theater of Asia in a black tent theatre.

Visited USA for the 1994-95. and worked at the local theatrical company creative theater in New Jersey Princeton.
She touches the technique of improvisatorial plays, such as VAIORA SUPORIN, and a creative drama. Left from the black tent theatre after a coming back to Japan and participated in the theater workshop network.
Public performance activities are performed with a theater workshop in various places.

She did formal participation at RIPPURU effect festival TIVARU (a theater meeting of an oppressed person, Toronto) in 1997.
Invitation participation was carried out at the Mexico on-the-street theater festival in 1999.

She held the public performance and the workshop.
She has gone focusing on the workshop with children, women, and those with obstacles now.
She has explored the possibility of the relation in which theater is materialized, and body expression while employing theater efficiently as an expression act opened more socially through workshop activity.

Put power also into the forum theater and has taken up the problem of a family, gender, and domestic violence, DV etc.
The design of a molding workshop is also tackled and it is working exceeding a genre.

Expression group "of those to whom she will have an obstacle in 2005 -- " was commanded noisily and invitation participation was carried out to 4th The Sixth Sense Performance Art Festival (Taipei) which aims at introduction and exchange of the expression activities of an obstacle person performed in Taiwan.