FUKUHARA, Tadahiko


Began theater simultaneously with the Rikkyo University entrance in 1997. He studied under the late Ms. Koharu Kisaragi. He superintended the theatrical company Egg Motion during university enrollment in University.

He began workshop activity with children under the influence of the late Mr. Koharu Kisaragi. Henceforth, it acted as "the workshop for a junior high school student" (99-03), and the "chiiki no monogatari (stories of Setagaya) workshop" (04-05) staff at the Setagaya public theater.

Belonged to the Bungaku-za attached theater research institute or the production part of KUSHIDA WORKING JAM after the graduation from a university.
He forms the theater which travels in 2004 and is unfolding the performance centering on on the street in in and outside.
He acted as the on the street theater festival JAPAN2005 executive-committee chief.
Moreover, it was concerned with independence support movement of a disabled person as a helper.

He expands the width of activity and is putting power into a workshop and community with an obstacle with people.
The base of the activity is moved from Minamata to Tateishi now.